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DOCEX has now developed the most advanced information handling, proof of delivery system in the country, this system is called the DOCEX Customer Information System.

A Digital Certificate is nothing more than a legally acceptable electronic Identification of the user, that resides on the users computer or a smart card. This is critical for secure e-mail between Docex members and for any business transaction done.

The Docex Digital Certificate ensures that you know who you are communicating with and that they know for sure who you are.

To obtain you free DOCEX Digital Certificate or for more information with regards to DOCEX Digital Certification for DOCEX members, please contact our Call Center on 0861 33 55 44 from anywhere in the country, or alternatively e-mail us on
  The Document
(Pty) Ltd

mission statement
is to effectively
supply a unique,
Southern Africa wide, member to member, "added benefit", overnight physical and electronic, item movement service, to our members in their specific niche markets.

Docex, under the auspices of SAPO has been in the process of giving members free Docex Digital Certificates. If you haven't had yours installed, please send us an e-mail at