For those clients and potential clients who have sales representatives or agents scattered around the country, we at last have a mail movement solution.

In the past, we have not been able to offer you a viable service, as it was not possible to open DOCEX accounts for each of these points. DOCEX has now, to keep in line with continually improving our service, launched our pre-paid plastic bag service.

The plastic bags come in two sizes, the A4 and the A3. They are made of non-transparent plastic with a DOCEX Logo running accross the bag. The seal of the bag allows the client to use the bag only once. The thickness of the A4 is 50 micron and the size is 310 x 450 mm with a 5mm flap. The A3 bag is 70 micron and the size is 370 x 450 mm with a 50 mm flap.

The DOCEX client will buy the plastic bag in batches of 50 with barcodes attatched. The sales representative/agent can mail these bags from anywhere in the country to their head office, on condition that the head office is a full DOCEX member.

Please note that the standard excess weight rules will also apply for the plastic bags.

Please also note that this product is for the exclusive use of organisations which have sales representatives/agents around the country who communicate one way from the agent to Head Office.