Docex is a private mail-mover that moves mail exclusively between Docex members and other relevant points. Docex was started in October 1983 and has grown to become the dominant mail-mover in the market it services. Docex services its members via a network of 200 exchanges
throughout the country. In an age where mechanisation, automation and computerisation have made deep inroads into the industry, Docex remains a largely manual operation, enabling it to offer a highly cost-effective service.
The key to the Docex operation is that it is industry specific. To become a Docex member, an organisation would pay a once-off entry fee and annual subscription per branch for joining the system. This would enable free mail movement for the entire year within specific kilogram restraints.

  • An effective and convenient means of moving all documents from visa to vouchers, itineraries to insurance policies, tickets to timetables between all sectors of the industry.
  • Inter-branch communication for multi-office chains.
  • Daily deliveries to leading travel insurance companies.
  • Daily delivery to the ASATA office at Johannesburg International Airport.
  • Delivery to the National Parks Boards in Pretoria and Cape Town.
  • Daily delivery service to all government departments (including the Government Printer, Master's Office, Receiver of Revenue and the Mining Commissioner.
  • Issue of process at the Court.
  • Delivery and collection from the Sheriffs' offices.
  • Clearance of Court pigeon holes.
  • Service on attorneys. Filing of pleading.
  • Delivery of brief to Council.
  • Application for, and obtaining, transfer duty receipts and clearance certificates.
  • Delivery to registrat of company at an additionl cost.
  • The placing of legal notices in the Government Gazette and in any newspaper in Gauteng, facilitated through Docex boxes allocated to The Star and The Press Corporation.
  • Serving pleadings on non-member attorneys.
  • Daily delivery to the principal offices only, of building societies and insurance companies.
  • An effective and convenient means of moving all documents such as medical aid claims and statements to the medical aids.
  • Ideal for inter-branch communications by multi hospital groups.
  • Daily delivery to most of the medical aids and private hospitals in South Africa.
  • Daily delivery to the Health Department.
  • A full-time Medical Co-ordinator to call on the hospitals and medical aids to train their staff on how to use Docex and to solve queries and any problems they may have.
  • Computerised proof of deliveries.
  • Daily delivery to organisations such as WORKS.