Your Docex Safety Net

Never again can delivery be disputed! An electronic proof of delivery is available... Proves receipt and delivery throughout the DOCEX Network. Proves delivery to the box of DOCEX Members. Proves daily delivery to the offices of customers like the South African Revenue Services and the Sheriffs. Member can track their own mail via the internet or through our new Call Center in Johannesburg.

How to use this service ?

Contact a Docex Sales Executive at any branch. Tel (012) 407 6590,Fax: (086) 670 0023. Join the CIS network. Purchase the bar codes. Attach a bar code on any mail item, for which a proof of delivery is required. Docex will automatically track the item through our system.

Join our C.I.S system

When a member join our Customer Information System, the member receives a security code, password and is registered. The member receives one or more rolls of barcodes, each of which are registered to the member and the members security codes. Only a member can logon with his own code and only barcodes that are registered to that member may be queried. The member can draw reports on his mail movement.

Docex Digital Certification

A digital certificate is nothing more than a legally acceptable electronic Identification of the user, that resides on the users computer or a smart card. This is critical for secure e-mail between Docex members and for any business transaction done. The Docex Digital Certificate ensures that you know who you are communicating with and that they know for sure who you are. To obtain you free DOCEX Digital Certificate or for more information with regards to DOCEX Digital Certification for DOCEX members, please contact our Call Center on 0861 33 55 44 from anywhere in the country, or alternatively e-mail us on